Addiction and Correction

A documentary by Sobo Swobodnik
runtime: 90 min

“Addiction and Correction” opens Pandora’s Box. Why do alcohol and drug dependency dictate that serious crimes are not punished with prison sentences, but rather see addicted offenders sent off for psychiatric treatment? A glimpse into forensic psychiatry shows an alienating, unknown and damaging effect on patients. A patient’s life consists of years of isolation, withdrawal of freedom and therapy. But what are their needs? Which identities do they form while behind bars, walls, barbed wire and locked doors? The film focuses on his protagonists. Daily lives and the development of relationship forms are traced via the direct cinema method. The result shows a portrait of impressions, experiences and perceptions of patients. What happens when a hard life of addiction, delinquency and marginalization is forced into one of reason control and codes of behavior?

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HUPE Film - Dokumentarfilm

Script: Sobo Swobodnik and Eckhard Geitz
Direction and Camera: Sobo Swobodnik
Sound: Akgün Akdogan
Editor: Manuel Stettner
Distributor: Mindjazz Pictures

Kinofest Lünen