Brother´s Love

A documentary by Julia Horn

Markus Becker is hit by a car dragged alongside it and subsequently hits his head on a curb, which causes him to fall into a coma. The doctors do not think the 45-year-old will survive the ensuing 5-10 days, and his father begins making funeral arrangements. Markus’ brother Michael refuses to accept this fate and begins an extraordinary battle. He drives to his brother’s apartment and seals the clothes that Markus had worn to preserve the scent. He then visits his neighbors, records their voices. Every day Michael exposes his brother to things he knows. From the beginning he records everything that is a part of Markus’ life with a camera. He is determined to hold him in his world, to bring his world to his bedside and documents any progress he makes. He is determined to see his brother one day lead a normal life. This documentary for the long-term accompanies Michael Becker on his unflinching and creative attempt to bring his brother back to life.

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HUPE Film - Dokumentarfilm


Script and Direction: Julia Horn
Camera: Timm Lange
Sound: Filip Forberg
Commissioning Editor: Martin Pieper, ZDF/ARTE

In co-production with ZDF and in cooperation with ARTE
Funded by Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, Saarland Medien and FFA