a documentary by Melanie Kuss and Erik Winkler
runtime: 30 min and 4 x 5 min
language: German.

Every year, thousands of students enter the competition of “Youth Debates“. They learn to discuss political and social topics, while practicing to speak freely and be respectful towards each other. They have to prove themselves worthy in various qualifying rounds. In the end no more than four young people qualify for the national final in Berlin. This film accompanies them on their exciting journey.

to the press

HUPE Film - Streiten will gelernt sein

Direction: Melanie Kuss und Erik Winker
Cinematography: Conny Beißler
Sound: Sebastian Stahl, Eva Radünzel
Editing: Oliver Held
Commissioning Editor: Barbara Lohoff, RBB

On behalf of RBB for the series "Fortsetzung Folgt" on Kinderkanal (channel broadcasting programs for children)